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Candidate Guidance – Proctor Now Examinations


1.    Introduction

Thank you for choosing to sit your examination through APMG-International.  As you are using the Proctor Now service, please ensure you read the following information to ensure that you are fully aware of the regulations before you sit your examination.  Please note, failure to comply with the regulations during your examination will result in your exam result being voided and no refund will be given.


2.    Using Proctor Now

Before starting your examination you will need to install Proctor Now on your system.  You will need full administration rights on your system to install this software.  Please refer to the user guide for details of how to install the system.


3.    Regulations of Examination

Please note that in addition to the guidance specific to your examination given to you before your exam begins, the following points are a requirement of using Proctor Now: -


Setting up the examination room


Whilst we appreciate that the Proctor Now system will be used in a variety of locations, please follow the guidance below to ensure the room you are taking the examination in is acceptable. Failure to do so may result in your exam being voided:

  • There should be no material relating to the examination on the walls or desk in the room.
  • Any books within the room should be closed and away from the desk area.
  • The desk area should be clear of any paperwork.
  • Do not have any radios/music/television devices on in the background.
  • No communication devices, including phones, should be available to you.

Before the examination starts

  • You will be asked to show a photo ID – this must be a driving license, passport or military ID card. Your photo should be made clearly visible to the camera. Please ensure you have this ID ready. If you do not clearly provide your ID when prompted, your exam may be voided – please ensure your ID is clearly visible and that the details can be read before confirming that you wish to proceed.
  • You will be asked to use the web cam to show a 360ΒΊ scan of the room as well as your desk, the ceiling and floor area around the desk you are using. Please ensure you show this slowly enough for the camera to be able to pick up on the surroundings. If you do not satisfactorily complete this process your exam may be voided. Ensure that you have a clean desk with no reference materials available.

During the examination


When you are taking the examination, there are several activities which, if seen, will be reported to APMG as suspicious and will lead to your examination result being voided without refund. The list below provides some examples of such activities, but please note other activities may also lead to results being voided:

  • Accepting or making phone calls.
  • Communication of any kind with organizations/individuals, including instant messaging.
  • Use of any program other than the exam program.
  • Wearing/using headsets.
  • Talking aloud.
  • Other people entering the room - no one else should be in the room with you during the examination.
  • Leaving the room.
  • Taking notes.
  • Reference to any other materials (unless the exam rules specifically allows this).
  • Attempting to load other programs on your system during the examination (including viewing documents, web browsing or email access).
  • Notification of attempted use of a remote access connection
  • Please ensure your webcam is placed above your screen/monitor looking towards you, focussed on your face, for the duration of your exam.

Other activities, such as repeated movement appearing to suggest reference to exam related materials, will also be reported to us for review. In these instances we may contact you to request clarification on the activity and reserve the right to either void your result or ask you to re-sit the examination.


4.    Results

Please note that your results will not be confirmed until we have reviewed the information taken through the Proctor Now system during your examination, which includes the webcam footage and screen captures of your system taken during the exam. The result that appears at the end of your exam is a preliminary result only, subject to the review process. If there are no concerns with your file your results will be issued to you, within 10 working days of your examination. If we have any concerns about the recordings we will be in touch with you or your accredited training organization. 


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